As a wiry winger, Motherwell’s Elliott Frear can’t help but chuckle when he hears critics of his team discussing their physical style.

But far from shirking away from the tag, Frear believes that it is a positive thing, and shows that the club has rediscovered their identity.

While Rangers might not like it, Frear believes the criticism they have received since their semi-final victory has only served to bring the Motherwell squad even closer together.

“We’ve got 10 players who are physical - and then there’s me!” Frear said.

“We play to our strengths. Rangers have a way of playing and we had to stop it. It will be the exact same against Celtic in the final.

“A lot was made of it but all that matters is that we have a squad of players and staff who are looking forward to the final.

“On Wednesday night [against Dundee], every time we went in for a tackle the crowd were shouting for sending offs. It was good in a way. It means people are taking notice of us.

“We won’t change. That’s the way we play. It’s not over-aggressive. The gaffer said it the other day, look at our yellow cards, Ryan Bowman has only three yellows in two years. Rangers had a man banned for kicking out.

“It’s just our way of playing. We are not going to stand back and allow ourselves to get beat, like we maybe did at times last year.

“Last season we didn’t really have a style. But this time everyone knows what we are all about.

“It’s a big difference the feeling now compared to last season when we nearly went down.

“If there is criticism from elsewhere then that’s the way it is, we will carry on with our style of play.

“Las said to us in pre-season that the club has kind of lost its identity in recent years.

“We wanted to make this a really hard place to come. I think we’ve done that so far.”