Jayda G is a rare breed of DJ. The Canadian disco and house queen doesn’t do things the way most other electronic musicians and producers do, and because of that she’s way cooler and a hundred times more fun than the majority of her peers.

Raised in a black Jewish household on top of a mountain in rural Canada (“my family stuck out like a sore thumb,” she said in an interview this year) and influenced by her disco-loving sister, she’s currently living a quite remarkable balancing act. It involves dividing her time between finishing up her master’s in environmental toxicology at home in British Columbia while also living the lifestyle of a Berlin-based superstar DJ.

She’s hip, Jayda, but she’s no hipster. She transmits an enthusiasm and an exuberant, primal energy that seeps into your toes even if you’re just watching her Boiler Room sets on your work laptop with horrible plastic earbuds. With her voluminous curls flying as she dances along, belting out the chorus of some pumping classic disco tune, it’s difficult not to get right into it, you know? A master of late ‘70s disco, Detroit house and early noughties R&B, it all adds up to a superb booking from the Bigfoot’s Tea Party crew: undoubtedly, the party of the weekend. Don’t miss it.

Making her debut at the Subbie this weekend, this time at Subculture on Saturday, is another artist who is most definitely “having a moment”. On her new album, Where Are We Going?, Maya Bouldry-Morrison – the Brooklyn producer also known as Octo Octa – has made a clear progression from the anxious, ramshackle, bedroom producer sound of her first releases. Where Are We Going? is her first album since coming out as transgender, and her newfound confidence is palpable. She’s making moody, downtempo house music that’s layered and subtle, which should suit regular Subculture-goers down to the ground. Support comes, as it so often does in these situations, from Subbie resident Telford.

And on Tuesday, Berlin-based DJ Scuba brings his hard-hitting techno sound to I AM. The Hotflush Records honcho is a highly-regarded tastemaker among the bass-loving underground, and his labelmate Or:la, who’s warming up on the night, is considered by those who know as one of the country’s most underrated DJs. Those in the market for a spot of school night raving this week will find no better option.

Jayda G, tomorrow, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £10

Subculture with Octo Octa, Saturday, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £10

Scuba, Tuesday, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £7

Super Hans

The Big Beat Manifesto is a not entirely all-encompassing philosophy espoused by Croydon’s favourite “drug-addled, cracked-up maniac” Super Hans. It reads “Big Beats are the best, get high all the time,” which would obviously be a really irresponsible thing to be promoting if Super Hans were not a fictional character from the Channel 4 series Peep Show.

Returning for round two of the Big Beat Manifesto tour, comedian Matt King arrives at SWG3 on Saturday as Hans for a night of tunes and jokes, all underpinned with a powerful sense of dread. With a new crew – The Peace Posse, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Hayzus and Ümlaut – in tow, the man himself says that super fans who are foolhardy enough to put themselves through the chaos can expect “a big ol’ love party.” But then he does also add: “you bring the Crunchy Nut and I’ll bring the beer, snakes and gigantic beats,” so I’m not entirely sure what kind of party this is going to be. Prepare for things to go beyond fun and actually get really, really nasty.

Before that, SWG3’s once-a-semester party celebrating Kante West takes over the venue tomorrow night for four solid hours of tunes from G.O.O.D Music signings, Roc-A-Fella affiliates, and allies and rivals of Yeezus. OJ Smooth is the man tasked with keeping the room bouncing – with a sold-out room of hyper-knowledgeable Pablo devotees scrutinising every selection, that could be both a responsibility both fraught and rewarding if it pays off.

A Celebration of Kanye and Friends, tomorrow, SWG3, 10pm – 2am, £8

Super Hans: Big Beat Manifesto, Saturday, SWG3, 10pm – 2am, £14


The final Nightrave guest of the year is a goodie. London’s DJ Lone is riding a wave of good vibes off the back of his hugely-hyped DJ Kicks mix album, which features four new tracks. He’s described it as “a bit like a weird midnight radio show: it’s purposefully all over the place, dreamy and trippy, so you can zone in and out.” Nightwave’s presence makes this an unmissable rave workout: “four hours of pure happiness,” says the Glasgow-based DJ and producer. Sign me up.

Nightrave with Lone, Saturday, La Cheetah, 11pm – 3am, £8