“You won't get a chance to hear a better DJ play such an intimate space for such an extended period of time,” boast the Berkeley Suite’s representatives, hyping up Sunday’s six-hour party with Jackmaster.

So far, so normal: this is the standard language of today’s eternally breathless club PR. However, their next sentence hints at a more sinister ulterior motive behind this marathon gig: “All shall be laid bare!”

Today, three days ahead of schedule, we can exclusively reveal the truth. Sometime in the mid-‘80s the Glasgow Corporation, dismayed by the direction the city’s party culture was heading in, launched a top-secret programme to create the ultimate part-man, part-pure-party hybrid who would steer things back on track.

The result was Jack Revill, who we all know and love as Jackmaster: the international superstar DJ.

More than 30 years after his creation, the Jackmaster programme has finally been released to the public. And now the project’s ultimate aim – a six-hour set from the local dynamo at North Street’s low-key Berkeley Suite – takes place on Sunday night, kicking off at the early hour of 9pm.

Far from being a wrap party, this is more a celebration of the project and its successes. After all, it would be hard to point to a more optimised version of Glasgow’s culture: Jackmaster takes our well-documented love of excess and banging tunes, our self-deprecating and mordant wit, and our innate pride in where we come from, and ramps all of those feelings up to 11. Get down early, because this one’s going to be rammed.

Jackmaster, Sunday, The Berkeley Suite, 9pm – 3am, free before 11pm

We Should Hang Out More in Africa

Three strong offerings from the Subbie this weekend, starting tonight as rising local producer Jacque Saravanté and his unique house sound hits regular Thursday night Bassment. Tomorrow it’s Optimo’s JD Twitch spinning African disco at We Should Hang Out More, and on Saturday the Acid Flash founder and impeccable house talent IDA makes her first headline gig at Subculture.

Bassment with Jacque Saravante, tonight, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £5

We Should Hang Out More in Africa with JD Twitch, tomorrow, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £10

Subculture with IDA, Saturday, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £5

Million Dollar Disco 2018

The Berkeley Suite’s annual Million Dollar Disco is a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak month. If you can make it through January’s torturous first two weeks, it is a jewel waiting on the other side: as close a throwback to the days of Studio 54 as you’re likely to find. As per usual, the legendary Al Kent will be filling your ears with sumptuous disco music for the full four hour duration, pumping out forgotten gems and exotic rarities with a sprinkling of timeless classics. Get down there and dance yourself dizzy, because this is going to be dynamite.

· Million Dollar Disco 2018 with Al Kent, Saturday, The Berkeley Suite, 11pm – 3am, £7

Mojo Workin’

While most of the action takes place on North Street this weekend, it would be remiss not to mention some opportunities for dancing that take place in the South Side. On Saturday, the Rum Shack has Mojo Workin’, a regular rhythm and soul night that this month has Robert Waite of Mixed Up Vinyl Club on guest duties. And at the Pollok Ex-Services club, Nite Klub brings you an evening of ska, reggae, northern soul and Motown with the added bonus of social club bar prices: a perfect tonic as we near the end of this god-forsaken month.

· Mojo Workin’ with Robert Waite, Saturday, The Rum Shack, 9pm – 1am, £2

· Nite Klub, Saturday, Pollok Ex-Services Club, 8pm – 1am,