THE Evening Times has been among the first in Glasgow to try out the city’s new speakeasy bar, Wheesht.

As we exclusively reported on Monday, in line with tradition, the venue’s address is remaining completely secret.

The concept hit the city from Wednesday and comes from the creative minds of bartenders Jamie Moran and Dave Salvadord Ali.

EXCLUSIVE: Glasgow welcomes speakeasy bar Wheesht

How it works is guests get in touch with the bar via phone, text or email and quote Wheesht’s daily changing password, which can be found on their social media channels, in order to be met near the bar and then led to it.

Located in the West End, the duo then make customers drinks individually tailored to each and every guest after asking them a few short questions.

Shrouded in mystery and formerly illicit, speakeasy bars first cropped up in prohibition times as secret locations where guests could still enjoy a drink.

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Wheesht will open each week, Wednesday to Sunday, from 5pm until 1am.

For more information, visit

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