FIRE crews were called after a bonfire was started on a bridge in Scotstoun.

Several fire fighters raced to Harland Street started around 6.45pm, when locals reported flames and smoke coming from a bridge and cycle path crossing the busy thoroughfare.

Onlookers told of their horror to see the fire raging above the street, with one fire engine being called out to help.

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It is understood a number of children were seen playing in the area before the bonfire started, but had vanished before fire fighters arrived.

Another fire was reported to have started in the same area a few nights before, when a bin was set alight.

A community councillor for Scotstoun told the Evening Times: "We do get trouble on the cycle way from time to time with kids who have nothing really to do. That doesn't absolve them of their responsibilities but there should be more for young people in the area."

A Scottish Fire and Rescue spokeswoman confirmed they were called to a bonfire around 6.45pm on Harland Street.

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An eye witness said: “There was a stink of plastic so it may well have been a bin, like the one set on fire down by the community centre the other night. It was a really dangerous place to start a fire on a bridge with cars and people going undeneath.”