RESIDENTS in Glasgow's West End being asked to report, “irresponsibly” parked cars to help make the case for a controlled zone.

Traffic and parking is said to have become a “growing concern" in the North Kelvin area with cars from outwith the area parked for weeks at a time and vehicles reducing visibility at junctions or obstructing pedestrians.

The community council said it had been alerted to two cars, with parking permits for Highland Region NHS and Edinburgh City, parked on Clouston Street for six to eight weeks.

Another vehicle, registered for Aberdeen, was parked in the area while the owners went on holiday.

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North Kelvin is one of the few areas in the West End not covered by a Controlled (or Restricted) Parking Zones (CPZs).

Alasdair MacDonald, of North Kelvin Community Council said: "Parking has become a a bit of a concern in the area and it's affecting quality of life.

"When you go out from your house you are faced with a wall of steel around every pavement because of the number of cars.

"North Kelvin was built around 1898 to 1900 before the car arrived. There are 20 flats ? with spaces for 13 cars. Most flats have at least one car and there is insufficient space and cars are also getting bigger.

"We've also had the problem of people parking here rather than use the parking at Glasgow Airport.

"There was one car parked on Clouston Street, registered for Aberdeen and they had left it there while they went on holiday.

"We are the last area of the West End not to have a controlled parking zone, so people are moving into the area to park their cars.

"The experience in Dowanhill after they got a CPZ, is that there was enough parking spaces for everyone."

There is a set of criteria to identify priority areas for consideration for controlled parking and the community council say North Kelvin scores highly.

Residents are being asekd to report concerns about parking by email to to help make the case.

The Evening Times reported how five cars were uplifted in East Kilbride with drivers issued with a conditional offer of fixed penalty which is £50.

With recovery fees the drivers could also be paying up to £300.

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A Glasgow City Council said cars parked on pathways, blocking pedestrian access could potentially be uplifted by police.

She added: “Drivers who park their vehicles in an obstructive manner are not only inconsiderate but they put themselves and others in danger.

“The council can only enforce illegally parked vehicles in areas where there are restrictions in place.

“Cars parked on footways in areas where there are no restrictions can only be dealt with by the police.”

Parking controls are planned for the areas around Ibrox, Celtic Park the Emirates Arena and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.