A THUG tried to kill his wheelchair-bound friend with a Samurai sword – then later got him to fork out for “the biggest burger you could get”.

John Graham repeatedly struck the frail victim with the large sword in January this year.

The victim, who has a spinal condition, has been scarred for life since the unprovoked attack in his Drumchapel home.

But, the brazen 41-year-old asked to meet his victim when he got out of hospital – and made him pay for a McDonalds meal.

The crime emerged as Graham was today jailed for eight years and nine months at the High Court in Glasgow.

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He was convicted of attempted murder, which he had denied.

The victim – who uses an electric wheelchair – recalled: “I was shocked by the attack.

“I had to think fast to get out the house.”

The blood-soaked victim managed to escape to a neighbour's home.

He spent five days in hospital being treated for a number of wounds, believing his attacker was going to hand himself in.

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Graham got in touch again after the McDonalds outing claiming he had “flashbacks” about what happened and that “something came over me”.

He was eventually held by police – but in court denied hurting his friend.

Lord Matthews told him: “[The victim] took you in, gave you shelter and you repaid him by doing something that could have taken his life.”

The judge said, as a result, the victim now feels “a virtual prisoner in his own home”.