RANGERS fans have hit out at ‘heavy-handed’ Slovenian police after five fans were arrested and five others were fined ahead of the Europa League match against Maribor.

Around 650 supporters of the Ibrox team travelled to the game on Thursday, before which disorder broke out in the streets.

Police in Maribor said they were forced to take action after fans ‘attacked their officers’ in Mladinska Ulica street as they were being escorted towards the stadium.

None of the police officers were injured but one Scottish woman was taken to hospital after she was exposed to tear gas during the intervention.

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Maribor officials said criminal complaints will be filed at the Prosecutor’s Office against the five Scottish citizens and one Austrian who were arrested.

Police also fined a 28-year-old local who tried to set fire to a Rangers banner – he has been banned from attending future sporting events.

Another Maribor supporter, 26, was arrested and cited for throwing a bottle while on a bus taking Rangers fans to Maribor airport. A pilot of a police helicopter which was monitoring the disturbances was reported to have been ‘blinded’ by a member of the crowd.

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Rangers fans have complained that the Maribor police used pepper spray and batons on ‘anyone in their path’.

The travelling fans were accompanied by officers from Police Scotland, who were deployed in the town centre to provide support and assistance.

Rangers Football Club advised supporters to stay in the square during the day and prior to the match. Ex-referee and Rangers fan Jeff Winter, who witnessed the trouble, said: “The local police force warmed up after their truncheon twitching fingers were unleashed on everyone in sight.

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“Women, old men, anyone in their path. I’ve heard about it, now I’ve seen it first hand.

“They couldn’t wait. Great atmosphere in the square, then everyone frogmarched to the ground. Don’t know what instigated it but they just waded into the group, batons waving, spraying gas into the crowd.”

Another onlooker said Scottish officers were “were quick to respond and offer assistance to those injured”.

A Maribor Police Directorate spokesman said: “Because of the attack on police officers and the violation of public order, we are dealing with several foreign citizens. Some of them were arrested.”The police force said that officers carried out a “preventive measure without the use of force”.

The violence comes after a mass brawl broke out near to Ibrox stadium before Rangers took on Croatian team Osijek. Two Croatian nationals were stabbed during the violence.