A COMMUNITY has been given new hope it could rid itself of a derelict pub which has been an ‘eyesore’ for decades.

Campaigns to demolish The Talisman pub in Springburn have been ongoing for several years and have now been buoyed by the announcement that compulsory sale orders (CSOs) will be be allowed in Scotland.

Earlier this week the Scottish Government committed to giving councils new powers to introduce CSOs by 2021.

These would allow councils to force owners to sell ‘harmful’ unused sites at auction instead of them lying empty.

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Springburn councillor Christina Cannon has now suggested these could be used to get rid of The Talisman once and for all.

She added: “This is a welcomed commitment by the Scottish Government to bring in CSOs which could directly benefit Springburn massively.

“Derelict sites are still a huge problem in Glasgow, particularly in our most deprived areas and local community groups are not shy in calling this out.

“The Talisman pub has been lying derelict for longer than I’ve been alive – that shows the complete lack of attention that Springburn has been afforded over the last few decades. It’s time that changed and I believe CSOs will give local authorities the empowerment they need to make such changes.”

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The bar has been a source of frustration for around 25 years, with a petition reaching the council last year asking for it to be removed.

MSP Bob Doris and members of Springburn Community Council have now shared their support of using a CSO on the site.

The group’s chair Helen Carroll said: “Of its time, this was a great venue for weddings and gatherings but people want it gone.

“The CSOs give us hope.”

SNP councillor Christina Cannon said: “This is a welcomed commitment by the Scottish Government which could directly benefit Springburn massively.”