Now, a healthy lifestyle is not one of my main vibes.

I’m from the school of thought that thinks the invention of the fruit pastille has rendered fresh fruit obsolete.

But new year, new me and all that jazz, so I decided to give Bev’s pancake a try.

Unfortunately, like Larry David, I’m not much of a fish guy. The most adventurous I get on the fish front is something battered beyond recognition from a chippy.

As such, I’m not a massive smoked salmon fan. It's reminiscent of the saddest of buffets at an aunt’s wedding, where beige is the colour of the day.

Likewise, despite what the mainstream media will have you believe, I’m not a disciple at the church of avocado. It’s fine, but unlike many of my peers, I don’t base two thirds of my personality on it’s existence.

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I spied the pulled pork and chorizo stack on the menu. That looked like more my kind of thing.

Like Henry VIII, I feel meals can only be improved by containing as many animals cured in many different ways as possible.

Having said this, it was an inspired choice. Fresh, filling and healthy.

I'd say it's pretty, pretty, pretty good.

You can’t beat a classic - there’s no point trying to be a mad professor and whack together the wackiest of ingredients when people know what they like. Thousands of lads and ladies who brunch cannot be wrong.

The fresh lemon and pepper cuts right through to give it a bit of bite and kick. Poorly seasoned food is the most unforgivable sin.

I’d highly recommend it to a friend - if you want a classy day out, start it off with the classiest of meals.