A Glasgow tourist who feared the worst when her electric wheelchair broke on arrival in the city has thanked the unlikely hero who saved the day - a local taxi driver.

Nina Cosgrove requires a mobility scooter due to living with Multiple Sclerosis faced an anxious landing in Glasgow after finding out her wheelchair was damaged on her flight here.

As Nina, who lives in Oxford, left the airport concerned she would would have to cut her trip short, she was picked up by Glasgow Taxis driver Dougie MacPherson.

Listening to Nina's story in his 'People Make Glasgow' cab, Dougie decided to go above and beyond to ensure she was able to make the most of her time in the city.

After dropping Nina at her hotel, Dougie voluntarily offered to take away the broken scooter and fix it for her at home in his own time.

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Although there were no mechanical faults, Dougie was still tasked with putting some of the wheelchair's mountings back in place.

True to his word, Dougie appeared back at the hotel the next morning with wheelchair – completely fixed.

He said: "When Nina had told me her mobility scooter had been damaged on the flight, I felt for her – it’s rotten luck.

"Given she wasn’t here for a long time, I was pleased I could make sure she was able to make the most of her visit to Glasgow.”

Nina managed to fulfil all her planned engagements in Glasgow – something she feared would be impossible.

Travelling for work, Nina was in Glasgow as part of a site visit for the World Climate Justice Conference taking place at Glasgow Caledonian University later this year.

A delighted Nina said: "As soon as I mentioned what had happened, Dougie replied “Nae bother, I can fix that for you” – and he wasn’t lying.

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"Without my scooter I would not have been able to move around Glasgow independently to do what I needed to do, so I’m very grateful to Dougie for his help.

"Everyone I met in Glasgow was so friendly and helpful, and it is true - People Make Glasgow. I am really looking forward to returning in June.”

One of the convention's organisers added to the praise for Dougie's actions.

Head of the Glasgow Convention Bureau, Aileen Crawford, said: "The help Dougie offered Nina reaches beyond the professional support for a conference client into the genuine warmth, kindness and caring that so many Glaswegians are famous for. We were delighted for Nina that she could attend her site visit, and proud of Dougie for representing the city in such a positive light.”

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