A new plan to sell Glasgow to the world post-Brexit is being designed by a group of leading city stakeholders.

Global Glasgow, comprised of organisations from across the city’s public, private and academic sectors, met for the first time to devise a plan to ensure Glasgow’s economy does not suffer when Britain leaves the EU.

The group will come together quarterly and work to develop a plan to support the economic growth of the Glasgow, as well as maintaining its global reputation for tourism, culture and sporting events.

Glasgow is already has a global reputation for its culture and tourism, but Global Glasgow wants to also market the city’s economic brand to attract new investment and bolster the local economy.

The group will work in collaboration with the City Council on their International Strategy, which will ensure the city continues to develop key partnerships with European and international cities in the coming years.

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Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “From sport, arts, culture and nightlife to the unique character of our citizens, the world knows that something is happening in Glasgow.

“But we also know we continue to struggle to tell the story of our business brand, dynamic economy and record of innovation; all of which are vital elements of a new Glasgow narrative and attributes with which our global peers are increasingly measured by.

“Our new Global Glasgow partnership will help write that story and ensure the world knows that Glasgow remains international, dynamic, open and welcoming.”

Group members include representatives from local government including Glasgow City Council; Glasgow Life and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, as well as academic institutions like Glasgow, Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian universities.

Representatives from the city’s private sector, such as Glasgow Airport, the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) and Scottish Power have also joined the group.

The group’s formation was announced following the news that Time Out magazine has named Glasgow among their top ten best cities to visit in 2019.

Last year the City Council, together with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Glasgow Airport, commissioned a study by urbanist and global advisor Professor Greg Clarke into Glasgow’s global reputation.

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It noted the city’s strong tourism appeal, but highlighted a need promote the business brand across international markets in a more effectively.

Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: “For obvious reasons this is a very pertinent time for the city to be reaching out internationally and so we welcome the establishment of the Global Glasgow group.”

The Glasgow Group is expected to meet again in the summer.

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