A CRIME gang is feared to be behind a spate of cash machine thefts in Glasgow.

Two females say they were robbed by a woman as they lifted money in the city centre.

On April 5, Nicole Cameron claimed she was targeted by a middle-aged woman selling flowers as she went to take out £50 at an ATM.

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After taking her eyes off the Argyle Street ATM “for a second,” the suspect is alleged to have pocketed her cash before fleeing.

Bill Beckett, co-ordinator of Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch, was also made aware of an similar robbery on March 28.

He said another young female had to fight off a would-be thief who tried to steal £200 from her as she lifted cash on Sauchiehall Street.

Last night concerned Bill, 59, told of his fears that organised crime gangs are involved in the recent raids across Glasgow.

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He said: “There has now been two incidents that we have been made aware of over the last few weeks.

“The incident on Sauchiehall Street happened on March 28 and the second on Argyle Street was just a week later.

“During both incidents we have been told that a Romanian woman who was selling flowers distracted the women before taking their money from the ATM machine.

“There was also a chap sitting down begging near the ATM machine on both incidents and then the female runs towards the ATM and both the male and female run off.”

He added: “I would say this is an organised event and that young females are being targeted so they can be overpowered.”

A Facebook post shared by retail assistant Nicole told how she alerted cops after the robbery on April 5.

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Nicole, from Glasgow, said: “I was in so much shock because it happened so quickly.”

Last night Police Scotland confirmed they had received a report of a theft at an ATM machine in Finnieston on April 5.

A spokeswoman added: “We have advised people to be vigilant when using machines and any concerns should always be reported to police via 101.


“We are also liaising with local businesses such as concert venues, bars and venues regarding personal safety advice to patrons.”