IT has been more than a decade since Mystery Jets released their first album.

They emerged from the swamp of indie guitar bands in 2006, but managed to outlast the majority of their peers and are now preparing to release their sixth album.

This summer, the four-piece will be performing at Glasgow’s TRNSMT festival to fans both old and new.

During the course of their career, things have changed dramatically, but the band shows no signs of slowing down, says guitarist William Rees.

“The world feels so different because the digital age is well and truly upon us. Of course, it was around in the early noughties but it wasn’t so prevalent in people’s lives in the way that it is now.

“Music has gone in so many interesting and unpredictable and experimental directions over the last decade. Things are less predictable. Musically it is still a very rich period.

“Our goal was to never stop.

“To keep making records that were different to the ones we made before.

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“We always hoped we would still being around doing it.

“We never wanted to be a one-hit wonder or a quick thing that was just good for six months then forgotten about.

“Other bands shot to greater heights then the pressures but the struggles are much greater then. Those bands aren’t around anymore. Whereas we sort of managed to keep going and changing, trying new things and surviving.”

Having produced so much music, finding inspiration for new material can sometimes be a struggle for the band.

Will gives credit to his fellow band members – visible and invisible – for helping them keep up momentum.

He explains: “It’s not always easy but you just try and try and try and there’s some great people in Mystery Jets, visible and invisible. For example, Blaine’s dad Henry who is a behind the scenes member.

“Everyone is keen to hear ideas and help out. It’s just a question of struggling and searching and keeping your ears and mind open. You never know where inspiration is going to come from.

“The thing is to go to different places and live in different parts of the world. It’s a sort of daily struggle getting inspired and finding things to write about.”

He goes on: “Passion is the same. We have all grown up a bit. We’re all older and priorities shift a bit. Music and the band is number one for us – among the balance of other things like relationships and friends.

“Its an act of balancing but the band is still incredibly important and I think we all recognise that it’s a great endeavour that we’ve been involved in for so long.

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"So I don’t think any of us would want to jeopardise that.”

Not showing any sign of slowing down, the band are preparing for a busy 2019 with festival slots and a headline tour.

Their latest record is described as ‘political’ and ‘heavier in places than they’ve ever been before’.

Audiences will be treated to the new music at upcoming Mystery Jets shows, but can expect a few classics in the set as well.

Will adds: “We always have this dilemma with festival gigs because we want to play new stuff but you’ve got to play the stuff that people know.

“It’s a sort of blessing and curse about being around for a long time.

“You’ve got this history that follows you around and we’re quite forward looking so we want to be playing new stuff, but we do respect that people want to hear the songs that they know and love.

“I think there’s always bits that you like slightly less and more but I’m proud of all of our back catalogue and proud that we made all those albums and all in such different ways.”

Mystery Jets might have ditched the 80s pop sound and ‘burned’ their suits, but fans from their early days have stuck around – now pushed to the back of the crowd.

“The new ones are at the

front beer spilling and moshing. It’s an interesting crowd. Every record has brought in slightly different groups of people.


“It’s quite nice to see people that you met 12-years-ago that are now your age in the audience.”

Mystery Jets will play TRNSMT festival on Sunday, July 14.