A veterinary nurse at a private clinic in Glasgow who deliberately poisoned her dog has been struck off.

Georgina Bretman, 28, injected her black-and-white cocker spaniel with insulin in 2013, causing the animal to suffer hypoglycaemia, collapse, convulsions and seizures.

The two-year-old pup required immediate veterinary treatment to avoid falling into a coma and dying.

Bretman, who worked for Kinning Park-based Pets A&E, was convicted of causing the animal unnecessary suffering after a trial in Glasgow in 2017.

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She was ordered to carry out 140 hours of unpaid work, and now the RCVS Veterinary Nurse Disciplinary Committee have struck her off the register.

Although no explanation was ever offered as to why the vet nurse had harmed her pet, the court was told that she was an “attention seeker.”

When Bretman was sentenced in 2017, the Sheriff told her: "Florence was vulnerable and she depended on you.

"The motivation for you to cause Florence’s suffering will never be known, as you did not shed any light on this when you spoke to social workers. You have shown no remorse.

The committee announced this week their decision to remove Bretman's name from the register and prevent her from taking up employment in the sector.

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In their decision report, they said: "The Committee recognised the impact this was likely to have on Miss Bretman, which was unfortunate given her young age and her obvious passion for a career as a veterinary nurse.

"However the need to protect animal welfare, the reputation of the profession and thus the wider public interest, outweighed Miss Bretman’s interests and the Committee concluded that removal was the only appropriate and proportionate sanction in this case.

"The Committee determined that it was important that a clear message be sent that this sort of behaviour is wholly inappropriate and not to be tolerated. It brought discredit upon Miss Bretman and discredit upon the profession."

The Scottish SPCA told The Evening Times that they welcome the decision.

Chief superintendent Mike Flynn said, "Bretman caused deliberate distress and suffering to her dog, Florence. 

"We are glad this case has been taken seriously by RCSV and this decision has been made."