I played with Roberto Martinez at Wigan Athletic so he is someone that I know pretty well and it is great to see him in the World Cup semi-finals with Belgium.

He has always been fascinated by football and he has done a tremendous job with what, it has to be said, are a fantastic bunch of players. They could certainly go on and win the World Cup.

When you think that it isn’t that long since he was sacked by Everton, it is crazy to see just how much things can turn around for you in football. One minute you are up, the next you are down, and vice versa.

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It is great to see Robbie proving himself again, though, and doing it when you have to manage ego as much as anything at international level.

There are a lot of players there that are top, top players for their clubs and you have to be able to mould them together as a team. For them to play the way the did against Brazil, that shows what he is all about and that he is a very good manager.

I predicted before the tournament that England would get to the final but wouldn’t win it. We will wait and see if that is the case this week.

It has been one of the best World Cups that I have seen because of the shocks and the drama of the bigger teams going out.

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There hasn’t been a free-flowing team, in my opinion, but you have seen managers use tactics to win games, seen different approaches from teams.

There has been a real mixture in terms of style of football and it has been really good to watch.

I will go for a Belgium v England final and then we will see how it goes from there.