AS things stand, it’s hard to see the Scottish Cup quarter-final with Falkirk going ahead.

The safety of fans is the most important thing and therefore no risks should be taken – and they won’t be.

Because the game is planned to go ahead on Sunday afternoon, I suppose there is a slither of a chance of the match being played, but it’s not looking good, is it.

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Players hate this weather. You can’t train properly even indoors. Rangers are fortunate to have indoor facilities but after a while that drives you mad.

Footballers like being outside on the grass, not inside on even the best 4G pitches.

However, when the Falkirk game does go ahead, later this month most likely, it’s vital the players approach it in the correct manner because a win leaves the club one game away from a major cup final.

That’s if this weather has calmed down by May.